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The Institute of Past Life Regression and Research has been running week long destination training holidays to Tunisia during the month of April since 2006. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a week in the sun combined with intensive training and practical experience of past life regression and reincarnation therapy. The week is also focused on "therapy for the therapist", when course participants have the opportunity to work in session on their own personal issues, and also enjoying pampering wellness treatments at the on-site spa centre.

Lecturers to date have included Roy Hunter and Dan Cleary from the USA, and Marion Boon from the Netherlands. Please join our mailing list by filling in your name and email address in the box on the right to be notified of details of all training courses as soon as they become available.

Flights are from Dublin to Sousse and accommodation is provided at the El Mouradi Hotel, right on the beach near Port el Kantaoui, with full board included in the package price.(3 meals per day and all local drinks). The Hotel has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa wellness centre, restaurants, cafes and a night club.

Training will be exclusively focused on past life and transpersonal regression therapy. Lectures and practical demonstrations will be given and the training offered will be suitable for both current students of the IPLTR courses and also prospective students or those with an interest in the field who wish to learn more and experience a session for themselves. Training will be hosted at the El Mouradi Palace Hotel, just a few minutes walk from the accommodation.

Please download a sample of the 2010 Tunisia Destination Training Brochure which gives full details of the training, accommodation and flights,

El Mouradi Hotel, Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia
Date to be announced
Flights ex-Dublin to Sousse, 3 hours flight-time
Price - 529 euro per person sharing, all inclusive – Accommodation, buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner. Local wine, beers, soft drinks, tea & coffee from 10am until midnight. Full use of hotel facilities. A €25 supplement for single room. Sea-view supplement available.

What’s Happening:
Three-day workshop with an International Trainer
‘Present Life & Past Life Regression Therapy’

The premise of this workshop is that the functioning body, its health and illness, often has roots in the experiences of other lifetimes. Consciously held symptoms and patterns are often related to deeper primary issues in symbolic or metaphorical ways. Traumatic experiences from earlier times, including past lives, imprint a karmic residue in a complex that. These patterns are an expression of the individual's unconscious attempts to uncover and resolve the underlying issues. It is the emotional charge/s that causes the problems. The etheric body carries the emotional pattern of what happens in the physical body of a past life and programs the next one with these unresolved issues, where they remain lodged in the body.

After bringing the traumatic incident(s) to consciousness, there is often a strong cathartic release and remission of symptoms. However, if the physical and emotional levels of the trauma are released without a full understanding of their meaning, one will tend to remain stuck in a meaningless repetition of the emotions of the past-life scenario and the recurrence of whatever psychosomatic symptoms exist. True healing - not just the alleviation of symptoms - depends upon confronting the polarity behind the symptoms, the root cause of guilt which causes our self-judgments; our karma. Recalling and studying past lives, along with therapeutic processing, integration and reframing - replacing of old beliefs with positive choices - serves to alleviate issues more permanently. Such awareness heals body, mind and soul.

What you can learn and also experience at this event:
• Fresh concepts and interventions that can enrich your understanding of yourselves and others
• Various techniques to enter and transverse the cathartic experience
• Separating and uniting foreign thoughts, energies and presences
• Reconnecting the disconnected
• Healing what has been lost and any displaced parts of ourselves, and bringing them back to the here and now
• Hands on training
• Demonstrations and group activities

Past Life and Transpersonal Therapy Trainees in Tunisia Here you can see the group of trainees enjoying the sun in Tunisia with instructor Dan Cleary in 2006..
Melia El Mouradi Palace Hotel Port El Kantaoui, TunisiaA view of the Melia El Mouradi Palace Hotel with its swimming pool. Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia.

Why attend the Tunisia destination training?
Highlights of the 4 day training course:

tick sign Outline of Past Life Therapy, evidence for past life experiences

tick sign Exploring previous lives and the various techniques to enter and transverse cathartic experience.

tick sign Separating and uniting foreign thoughts, energies and presences, regression induced memories of past lives and reconnecting the disconnected.

tick sign Deep healing healing lost and displaced parts of ourselves to become more complete, to fully take part in the here and now.

tick sign Hands on training sessions, demonstrations and group sessions.

Read a photo report of the first
Tunisia Destination Training
for Past Life Regression Therapy in 2006.

pastlife regression therapy

For further information about any aspect of the Past Life Regression Therapy training courses or the October training weekend, please click on the links to send an email to course administrators - or ring +353 21 4273575, or ring +353 87 9684084, or ring +353 87 7734 914.

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Read the Photo Report
about the past life and transpersonal regression therapy training

Held in October, 2009
with Marion Boon,
Regression Therapy Expert
from the Netherlands
at the Marino Institute of Education, Dublin, Ireland.

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Training Brochure for this
Regression Therapy Course

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Advanced Diploma Training
in Past Life Regression
and Transpersonal Therapy.
Dates to be announced
soon for 2010.

Read a photo report
of the first
Tunisia Destination

for Past Life Regression Therapy in 2006.

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