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*March 2014* Join us in the Marino Institute of Education, Dublin, for an introduction to Past Life Therapy. This course runs from 6pm to 11pm on Friday 21st March and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 22nd March, 2014. To view the course details and booking form, please click here to download this document.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma Course in
Cognitive Transpersonal Psychotherapy

During this 18-month course you will Learn:
  » Fresh concepts and interventions to enrich your understanding and make your work   more effective.
  » Direct focused straight approaches to core problems.
  » Subtle and effective guidance to self-healing as far and as deep the client is willing   to go.

This training course is recommended for therapists who wish to explore a down-to- earth approach that includes the most physical and the most spiritual dimension of our being.

The course covers both the theory and practice of regression therapy, past life therapy and transpersonal therapy. Course material is wide-ranging and eclectic and includes the work of Roger Woolger,Henry Leo Balduc, Morris Netherton, Winifred Lucas, Hans TenDam, and many more leading edge therapists.

What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Transpersonal psychotherapy is a client centred therapy based on an academic discipline.

It works with and integrates the whole spectrum of human development from pre-personality to trans-personality, meaning that we encompass the multi dimensionality of consciousness.

We work with the premise that the healing intelligence is within the person and it is they through the guidance of the session which brings about resolution, allowing the psyche to self regulate into a more flowing way of being

The Cognitive Transpersonal Psychotherapy course is designed to teach you to become a professional practitioner in the field of Clinical Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Our aim is to build a bridge that links the main theorists of psychology and bring them into a combined integrated thesis of psychology.

We look openly at their differences of thought whilst also looking at how combining them can make really effective therapy. We have appreciated the old and embraced the new, and have developed a well grounded approach to what is the original meaning of psychology, being 'care of the soul'.

Benefits of the Cognitive Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training Course:
  • Benefit your clients : Learn new approaches and skills that can maximise positive outcomes for your clients. Invigorate your work with new ideas and enthusiasm.
  • Increase your professional competence to expand your scope of practice and professional recognition.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of various psychotherapy models which inform the  methodology of transpersonal psychotherapy.
  • Understand the development of consciousness and explore the concept of the trans-personal consciousness.
  • Personal experience and practice of the techniques taught on the course, which will further your own personal development and deepen your understanding of client issues.
  • Learn efficient and speedy methods of uncovering the root cause of your client's
  • presenting issues.
  • Explore the transpersonal elements of your own consciousness, gain a better understanding of one's own psyche
  • Understand and dissolve unwanted repeating patterns of thought, feeling or behaviour in one's life.
  • Discover the exciting world of Energy Psychology and learn cutting edge techniques.
  • Therapists will benefit from the studying of the theory of the ten psychotherapies that are being presented within the course. The study and practice of Transpersonal therapy helps one to choose wisely from the therapies and develop ones own style while maintaining one's sense of self.
  • This course equips with helping clients to become aware of what is happening to themselves, within themselves and between themselves and others.
  • The first primary focus of this course is on the well-being of the course participant. The faculty fully understand and appreciate that all who participate are unique individuals and as such we view all as complex, multidimensional beings who are to be treated in a respectful manner.

Level I . Theoretical Self-directed learning & examination based on ten psychotherapies

Level II
  • Therapists Self-care
  • The art of Mindfulness
  • Introduction to the Cognitive Transpersonal model
  • Inner-child/younger-self (soul fragmentation & integration)
  • Types of and release of trauma
  • The pre-natal & post-natal life.

Level III

  • Energy Interferences & entanglements
  • The Inter-life experience

Level IV

  • The therapy of past lives exploration
  • Identifying patterns
  • Energy Psychology and related practical techniques
  • Cognitive & Focused Solution Therapy

The therapeutic value of being a Cognitive Transpersonal Psychotherapist

  • The addition of techniques brings an added dimension to your existing qualifications and introduces new and valuable tools for your "therapeutic toolbox"
  • You will be working with your clients in the most transformational field available in a truly holistic way, helping your clients to reintegrate what was fragmented and to heal their soul.
  • Long-standing and persistent client issues often respond to transpersonal techniques where all else has failed.
  • Assist clients to heal on energetic and spiritual levels as well as the mental and emotional.
  • About the Training Facilitators:
    Margaret Sutton, MICHP, currently works in private practice as a hypno-psychotherapist in Dublin. She trained with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Ireland and has many year's experience in intuitive and energy healing.

    Joseph Keaney, MICHP,has been in practice as a hypno-psychotherapist for over 20 years and is the trainer for the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy foundation and advanced practical courses in Dublin and Cork.

    Helen Ryle. MICHP, MAMT, currently works in private practice as a hypno-psychotherapist, cognitive behavioural therapist and energy psychologist in Tralee, Co. Kerry. She trained with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Ireland and is also a Licensed Trainer for the Association of Meridian Therapies in the UK, specialising in EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and Emotrance.

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    For further information about any aspect of the Transpersonal or Regression Therapy training courses or the October training weekend, please click on the links to send an email to course administrators - or ring +353 21 4273575, or ring +353 87 9684084, or ring +353 87 7734 914.

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